How it works...


Send Pictures

Start with pictures of larger items. All items must have a value of at least $100.

Schedule Drop Off

Depending on space availability we must schedule your drop off.

Get Paid

We write checks at the end of each month for balances over $100. Use your credit at any time for online and in-store purchases.

Returns And Donations

If your item doesn't find a new home in 75 days we'll call you to come pick it up. If you simply don't want it we'll donate it.

What is Consignment?

Consignment at CAM is an agreement between you and our historic award winning Mall to sell an item on your behalf. CAM will market the item as it feels most appropriate which can include:

  • stylish placement in the store

  • promotion and searchability on our webstore

  • social media promotion via our Instagram and Facebook shops

With tens of thousands of local store visitors, website viewers and social media followers your item may get more visibility than perhaps any other venue. At the end of the month when an item sells in most cases you get a check.


Payment Terms & Conditions

Items are kept at CAM for up to 75 days. We divide the full duration into 1/3 periods and assign a percentage payout for each period. If your items sells...

  • 25 days, you get 60% of the selling price

  • 26 - 50 days, you get 55% of the selling price

  • 51 - 75 days, you get 50% of the selling price

There is an automatic price drop of 10% in the selling price for the final 1/3 period.

What We Sell

Unfortunately, we can't accept everything for consignment. Trends change and we keep a good pulse of what sells and what doesn't. This said, we accept considerably more than we reject. A good place to start with answering the question of "Will you take this?" is to become familiar with the catagories in our webstore. This will give you a sense of what we accept. We do not accept household appliances, books, clothing, jewelry, project pieces, entertainment centers & select other furniture. Please email pictures of items you'd like us to consider to: